Are you fighting with mental health difficulties? Or, have you developed any mental health disorders?

We regularly face daily life challenges. Thus, we become emotionally numb. As well as our behavior or work is hampered regularly & develop mental health disorders. Have you ever had any experience consulting a psychiatrist or psychologist? Or, have you been looking for a psychologist near you? If you have, then welcome to the right direction. But if you haven’t, then you need first to realize why you need to visit a psychologist.

  • Functioning more productively with your total capacity
  • Cope up with new & constant life challenges or transitions
  • Dealing with mental health illnesses
  • Nurturing healthy relationships & career success

Overall, a psychologist ensures our overall behavioral and emotional well-being & quality of life.


The right psychologist based on your problems


When you try to learn more about psychologists based on your agendas, you might find different types of mental health specialists, such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, etc. You may find it tiring to identify a suitable psychologist near you. Or, without proper knowledge, you may visit the invalid one and then find no exact solution to your problem. Here, you will receive all the necessary data to find the right psychologist near you.

Various mental health professionals are ready to serve you. And it’s not only in Dhaka city but also all over Bangladesh. The differences between some mental health specialized professionals are highlighted below:

  • Psychiatrist: A medical doctor who provides a comprehensive approach to diagnosis, medication, psychotherapy, and treatment of mental health disorders. For instance, child psychiatry is a department where, by consulting a psychiatrist, our child can overcome their mental illnesses.
  • Clinical psychologist: A clinical psychologist’s scope of work is the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders. For example, people with bipolar disorder are treated by a clinical psychologist. 
  • Counselling psychologist: Counseling psychologist focuses primarily on everyday life problems like educational, social, career & relationship adjustment issues. For instance, people who are struggling with a drug addiction should visit a counselling psychologist. 
  • School psychologist: A school psychologist is concerned with students, families, and teachers to resolve a student’s academic, emotional, and behavioural needs or problems. For instance, a student who needs to catch up in social circles and schoolwork may consult with a school psychologist.
  • Industrial-Organizational psychologist: Industrial-organizational psychologists are devoted to the workers, improving their productivity and quality of work life. For instance, people who want to develop their management strategy should visit an Industrial-Organizational psychologist.


By classifying mental health professionals, you can understand who can help you overcome a specific problem.

How to find the best psychologist

Our mental health concerns have increased day by day besides physical aspects. After COVID-19, the people of Bangladesh also became more aware of the mental health crisis & came out from stigmas of it. There are so many mental health specialists & organizations who provide psychological support. For instance, there are some public institutions like the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and Bangladesh Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) where you can get psychological treatment at a cheap cost. You can also have quality facilities at a reasonable price in private institutions like LifeSpring. You can get many top psychiatrists and psychologists here. 

Well, you got the idea of who and where to go. Did you think, “How do I know who is the best psychologist near me?” Here, we are going to address the specific concern:

Firstly, take some time to ask yourself:

What are the issues, needs, or concerns you would address (e.g., anxiety, OCD), and what kind of therapy do you want to go through (e.g., CBT, DBT)? Also, are there any preferences based on psychologists’ fees, gender, cultural background or specialities, etc.?


Secondly, you may explore all the options available:

Ask your near and known ones for recommendations, look for information on various online platforms, and search for psychologists as per your location. You should check a psychologist’s details like areas of expertise, approach or treatment method, and licensure and read their reviews of client feedback.


Finally, rely on your knowledge:

Considering all the available data of psychologists, you may then match those with your matters and go for a consultation by discussing your needs and sense of comfort. You must believe your instinct because this can help you reach your destination.

Personal experience in locating the best psychologist

My friend, Abir, regularly visits a psychologist and often shares his blissful journey with me. I find it admirable that his life is changing positively on a large scale. I asked him how he found the psychologist. He states, “I started by asking my family and friends who have good knowledge about it, and besides this, I kept searching online for a well-known psychologist near me. I go through all the necessary details of a psychologist (e.g., bios, reviews, therapeutic approaches). Then, I decided to reach out to a few of my listed psychologists. After that,I scheduled consultation calls, where I shared my questions and concerns. After the calls, I evaluated the explored options and went with my instinct.”

Here, we’ve listed the names of our top 10 psychologists below for your convenience. Please Have A Look.

Yahia Md Amin
Lead Psychologist, LifeSpring

Ummey Saima Siddika
M.Phil & MS in Clinical Psychology (DU), B.Sc of Psychology (DU), Clinical Psychologist, LifeSpring
Ferdous Ara Reshmin
MS in Psychology (RU), PGT in Psychotherapy (BSMMU), Psychologist, Lifespring
Simun Nasa
M.Phil & MS in Clinical Psychology (DU), B.Sc of Psychology (DU)
Kazi Mojahid Alam
MS in Clinical Psychology (DU), B.Sc in Psychology (JU), Psychologist, LifeSpring
Samia Binte Rahman
MS in School Psychology (DU), B.Sc of Psychology (DU), Psychologist, LifeSpring
Mithila Khandaker
MS in Counseling Psychology, B.Sc in Psychology (DU), Psychologist , Lifespring
Clinical, Psychologist, LifeSpring
Shahana Tripty
MSc in Psychology, Psychologist
Kanis Farhana
Bachelors in psychology (DU), MS in Counseling Psychology (DU)
Certified Family & Couple Therapy Practitioner, Certified NLP Master Practitioner,
Consultant Psychologist, LifeSpring
Md. Shafikuzzaman Sajib
BS & MS in Psychology (DU), Psychologist, LifeSpring



Q: Is there any psychologist near me who is free or low-cost?
  1. Detecting a free or low-cost psychologist is not easy, but it is possible. There are several opportunities available for financially insolvent individuals. You can look for community mental health centres, college or university psychological departments, non-profit organizations, and online therapy platforms and fairs. LifeSpring Institute also offers low-cost and affordable services.
Q: Is consulting a psychologist online a good decision?
  1. Consulting a psychologist online could be a wise decision for you. The reason behind this statement is that online consultation would be convenient, flexible, and affordable. You can quickly avoid physical, location, and transportation issues and try a lot of good options available around the world.
Final thoughts

Life is a journey of constantly dealing with problems and adjustments. Psychologists are ready to heal and enrich your potential. You need to contact and identify the right psychologist for you. 

Everyone searches for the best nearby service if possible. It’s a difficult task to find a psychologist near you. But as you learn the process of it through the article, you will surely get the proper outcome. For more of your queries, comment below, and do not forget to contact LifeSpring for any psychological issues.

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