Australia Migration Masterclass

About The Course

In this Free Masterclass, the speakers have given an overview of their diverse experience on Migration and giving an introductory knowledge on Student migration and professional skilled migration. This course is tailored for individuals, students, professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted aspects of Australian student or skilled migration. The speakers giving an overview of their journey from Bangladesh to Australia as a migrant and also sharing the challenges of migration in Australia. The audience will learn about the Australian Lifestyle. Finally, there are two special guests who will discuss the potential opportunities of MBBS Doctors in Australia.

MasterClass Objectives:
1. Why Migration to Australia as a Country?
2. How you will be planning your migration and Career?
3. What Australia has to Offer? Like Opportunities in Australia.
4. Challenges in Australia for Bangladeshi Migrants.
5. Migration Pathways:
– Student Migration and Other Skilled Migration.
6. Migration and Career Pathways for MBBS Doctors in Australia. (Special Guest Lecture).



Dr Emran Md Amin
Dr Zakaria Amin
Psychologist Yahia Amin

The Course Curriculam

Australia Permanent Residency PR বলতে কি বুঝি?

Pathway to Australian PR

Student Migration এর জন্য কোন বিষয়গুলো খেয়াল রাখবো?

Why is Australia a prospective migration destination for Bangladeshi students?

Australia customs regulations!

Required Gadgets

Australian Accommodation

Public Transport

Driving License

Clothing Shop in Australia

Mobile Sim in Australia

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