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Let us begin this article with a particularly significant question: what happens when it comes to the psychological well-being of children?

Childhood is an exciting period of life where innocence flourishes, and dreams rise through the air of imagination. For children with special needs, this stage is shattered by the dark shadows of mental illness and trauma to the brain.

The young ones might bear the burden of their past experiences to adulthood, facing insurmountable emotional obstacles. As life’s path progresses, the need for support and guidance from a team of expert psychiatrist becomes crucial.

The process by which children acquire their mental, emotional, and social talents is called the development of children’s psychological abilities. The process begins at birth and continues throughout infancy and adolescence.

There are different opinions on how a child’s mind develops. Still, all experts agree on four major stages of child development. Sensorimotor, formal operational, and preoperational.

Sensorimotor development (birth to 2 years) introduces youngsters to their surroundings through their senses as well as motor skills. They learn that objects exist even if they can’t see them, and they gain basic language skills.

The period of preoperational development (2 to 7 years old) is when young children are taught how to use symbols such as numerals and words. They also learn fundamental reasoning skills. However, they have difficulty comprehending more than one point of view and generally view the world from a selfish perspective.

Children at the concrete operation stage (7 to 12 years old) are taught to use reasoning and solve issues. They can observe things from many perspectives. However, they continue to think in tangible rather than abstract terms.

At the formal operation stage (12 years old and up), children are taught to think abstractly and solve problems using logic. This is the age at which the vast majority of people reach adulthood.

The development of the brain is a continuous process. However, it is often split into four stages for ease of understanding. It is critical to understand that children sometimes develop at different rates.

Certain children may be able to enter the formal stage sooner than others, while others may not be able to enter it at all. Every child is unique and develops at his or her own flow.

After reading this article on the LifeSpring webpage, you will learn more about children’s mental health and child psychiatrist roles with a list of the best psychiatrist and how the professional psychiatrist can help you to get the most effective treatment and good care for your child to heal their mental issues.

Put your glasses on and get ready for this article that might transform your perception of how to care for your beloved child!

Let’s Deepen our Perspectives:

  •         Understanding Childhood Mental Illness:

Mental illness in childhood encompasses many issues that affect children’s emotional behavior and cognitive and behavioral well-being.

Depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may all trigger signs and symptoms.

These issues are often because of genetic causes, environmental stressors, and traumatizing experiences that occur in the development.

  •         The Impact on Adulthood:

Childhood mental illness that is not addressed or traumas to the psychological will leave a permanent impression on a person’s mind that echoes throughout their adult lives.

Events that were not correctly handled may still influence the way they perceive, feel and relationships. The scars from the past can manifest as self-doubt, low self-esteem, and difficulties in making significant connections. These burdens can cause difficulties in education, career and life satisfaction overall.

  •         Looking for Expert Support from Psychiatrist:

In the mindset of the challenges in adulthood, seeking support from qualified psychiatrist could be an empowering step toward recovery and growth.

The skilled and compassionate experts found by searching in google or any other search engine Psychiatrist near me or Top Psychiatrist can provide individualized treatments with individualized interventions and an environment that is safe for people to explore their inner worlds.

  •         Therapeutic Approaches:

Psychiatrist use a variety of therapeutic strategies to treat mental health issues in childhood or previous traumas.

The therapy known as cognitive-behavioral (CBT) can assist individuals in overcoming negative patterns of thought and creating healthier coping mechanisms.

Eye Motion Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) can be helpful to those who have had painful events, assisting them in dealing with and processing distressing memories.

  •         Holistic Healing:

Some psychiatrist who are the most reputed psychiatrist in Dhaka and other cities recognize the value of taking an integrative method of healing. Integrating mindfulness-based practices such as meditation and relaxation techniques may help build self-awareness and emotional resilience.

In addition, the involvement of family members is a crucial factor in healing childhood wounds. Supportive and understanding environments can foster development and stability in the emotional realm.

Mental illness in childhood and psychological and emotional traumas can leave a lengthy shadow on the adulthood stage. Sometimes it can cause drug addiction.

However, knowing that healing and optimism can be found is crucial. When seeking assistance from a psychiatrist close to you or the most renowned psychiatrist, the patient can begin on a path of healing and personal growth.

The journey may not be simple, but with the right help with compassion, understanding, and knowledge, the burdens of the past will slowly disappear, allowing for the hope of a better future to shine again.

Be aware that there are no excuses for seeking assistance, and each step to healing is brave.

When & Why Do You Need a Psychiatrist for Your Kid?

Being a parent is a fantastic experience filled with joy and challenges. As parents, we work to ensure the well-being as well as the happiness of our kids.

However, sometimes our children might be faced with behavioral or emotional problems that require the attention of a professional. In these situations, seeking assistance from a licensed and qualified psychiatrist is an essential step in recognizing and addressing their needs.

No matter if you’re located living in Dhaka or another city, looking to find psychiatrist near me, best psychiatrist in Dhaka, best psychiatrist, top psychiatrist or searching in google for the professional psychiatrist in Dhaka will help you find the best help to help your kid.

  •         Identifying the Signs:

Recognizing indicators that your child might require psychiatric treatment is vital to initiate early intervention.

Specific indicators include sudden shifts in behavior, severe mood swings, constant sadness and social withdrawal, trouble with concentration, or other unrelated physical symptoms.

In addition, if your child is struggling at school, is engaged in self-harming behavior or is having difficulty dealing with trauma or stress, then it might be an appropriate time to seek professional assistance.

  •         Emotional & Behavioral Challenges:

Children are susceptible to emotional and behavioral issues that impact their overall health and well-being as adults.

Many factors, such as genetic predispositions, environmental stressors, trauma, or neurological problems, can trigger these issues. Child psychiatrist are experts in recognizing young minds’ particular requirements and help determine the underlying causes behind these issues.

  •         Communication & Emotional Support:

A psychiatrist with experience working with children will create an atmosphere of safety and comfort in which your child can express their feelings freely.

Through gentle and compassionate communication, the psychiatrist will better understand your child’s feelings, thoughts and anxieties, making them feel heard and respected.

  •         Tailored Treatment Plans:

Each child is unique, as are their mental health requirements. Your child’s requirements and capabilities can be considered when developing a treatment strategy by an experienced child psychiatrist.

These plans can include counselling sessions, cognitive-behavioral therapies, play therapy, and medication when needed. By combining various methods, the psychiatrist aims to improve your child’s emotional capacity and overall development.

  •         Parental Guidance & Support:

The path to ensure your child’s health is not finished in a psychiatrist’s office. Reputable child psychiatrist involve parents in the treatment process by advising them on how to aid their child’s development at home.

Through empowering parents with efficient strategies for communication, coping methods and parenting strategies, the psychiatrist enhances the ability of families to create an environment conducive to their child’s development.

  •         Addressing Developmental Obstacles:

Children may encounter particular developmental challenges that require intervention from a professional.

A qualified child psychiatrist can examine and resolve concerns about the autism spectrum and other developmental issues, allowing earlier intervention and better outcomes.

Parents, it’s normal to be concerned for our children’s well-being. A consultation with an experienced child psychiatrist can be essential in helping your child’s mental health and growth in emotional health.

If you are searching to find psychiatrist or seek out the most qualified psychiatrist, be sure that you are making a conscious effort for your kid’s well-being and long-term success.

Suppose you address behavioral and emotional problems early on by addressing them before. In that case, you’re giving your child the tools to tackle life’s challenges confidently and strongly.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Children, & Should People Be Aware that They Need to See a Professional Psychiatrist?

It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of children that might be a sign that they need the assistance of a specialist psychiatrist. Mental health is as important as physical health, and early intervention could make a difference in the child’s overall well-being and development.

  •         Persistent Behavior Changes:

Watch for any constant and pronounced changes in your child’s behavior. It could be an abrupt withdrawal from activities they previously enjoyed, a frequent eruption of anger or irritability, extreme sadness, or long periods of emotional turmoil.

  •         Academic or School Performance Decline:

If your child’s performance in school is declining and there aren’t any obvious causes, it could result from deeper psychological or emotional problems that a psychiatrist may be able to address.

  •         Difficulty in Social Interactions:

Noticeable issues in forming and maintaining friendships, extreme shyness, or social withdrawal could indicate issues with the emotional side that require professional assistance.

  •         Unexplained Physical Complaints:

Sometimes, children might experience emotional distress by presenting physical symptoms like stomachaches or headaches. If there’s no medical reason for the symptoms, it is important to look at the psychological causes and seek the assistance of a psychiatrist.

  •         Sleep Disturbances:

Nightmares that are frequent and difficulty falling asleep or frequent awakenings at night can be a sign of emotional issues that require a professional evaluation.

  •         Changes in Appetite or Weight:

Regardless of weight gain or reduction, significant changes in appetite may be associated with mental well-being. A psychiatrist can assist in determining the root of the problem and offering the right solutions.

  •         Self-Harm or Suicidal Thoughts:

Any indication of self-harm, suicidal ideas, or expressions of despair should be treated with seriousness. For the sake of the child’s safety and well-being, a promising consultation with a psychiatrist is required.

  •         The Developmental Regression:

Regressions in the development of milestones, like the loss of skills previously acquired or language skills, could be a sign of emotional stress.

  •         Frequent Anxiety or Fear:

If your child is constantly expressing extreme anxiety or fears that hinder their everyday life and activities, it’s important to consult a psychiatrist who will provide suitable interventions.

  •         The Family History of Mental Health Issues:

If a family member has a history of mental health issues, this increases the chance that your child will confront similar difficulties. Regularly scheduled screenings by a psychiatrist can assist in identifying and treating any possible problems early.

Remember that seeking professional psychiatrist help to protect your child’s mental well-being is completely appropriate, just as you would for their physical health.

A skilled psychiatrist can assess the issue, make a diagnosis, and provide the necessary aid and treatment to ensure your child’s success.

Early intervention can help a youngster live a happier and healthier life. So, if you notice one of these indicators or symptoms in your child, don’t be scared to consult with a mental health professional. If we work together, we will make sure that all the necessary support and care will get to your child.

Is There a Minimum Age When Mental Illness May Occur in Children?

Mental illness is not confined to a particular area, and the onset of mental illness is at any time as young as the earliest years of childhood.

Contrary to what many believe, children aren’t immune to mental health challenges. While it might be uncommon in the very earliest children, the presence of mental health issues in children is something that needs our focus and knowledge.

Some best psychiatrist with specialized education in mental health have discovered that mental illness is common in children at an early age.

While certain conditions may be more prevalent during adolescence, others may be present during the first years of life. Recognizing these age differences is vital for early identification and intervention, which could greatly impact a child’s health.

For example, anxiety disorders, like separation anxiety and generalized anxiety disorders, are often seen in children as young as they have high anxiety or worry regarding various events or situations.

In addition, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is usually detected in children of elementary school age due to difficulties in concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

As adolescents transition into adulthood as they enter adolescence, they are at risk of increased risk of developing mood disorders, like bipolar disorder and depression, because hormone changes and social pressures have a negative impact on their psychological well-being.

Anorexia nervosa, or bulimia, may be a problem when teenagers struggle with self-esteem and body image problems.

Additionally, disorders like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are diagnosed as early as the age of three, usually manifesting through problems with social interaction and repetitive behavior.

Caregivers, parents, and teachers must be aware of worrying indicators or signs in children’s behavioral and emotional health.

If worrying patterns persist or hinder the child’s normal functioning, seeking the advice that a psychiatrist can provide is vital. A qualified psychiatrist will complete a thorough examination of any mental health issues and recommend the appropriate intervention specific to the child’s developmental age and stage.

The belief that mental illness is just a problem for adults may lead to a delay in seeking help for children who could be suffering in silence.

An early diagnosis and treatment may improve performance and quality of life for kids with mental health issues. As our support community, we can eliminate the barriers to mental health and well-being in children.

We can make sure children receive the exemplary medical attention they require from experienced psychiatrist and mental health professionals.

Finding the Best Psychiatrist in Dhaka: Costs & Considerations:

Getting the assistance of a renowned psychiatrist in Dhaka is vital to prioritizing the health of your mind and well-being. In mental well-being, finding a trustworthy and competent psychiatrist who can offer the highest treatment and support is vital. In this guide, we’ll discuss the cost of accessing the best psychiatrist in Dhaka as well as some crucial considerations that will aid you in your quest to achieve mental health, a pleasant experience.

Cost factors of reputed and highly qualified psychiatrist in Dhaka can vary based on several factors:

  •         Expertise & Reputation:

Top psychiatrist typically have years of knowledge and expertise, and expertise, which may influence the fees they charge for consultation. Highly regarded psychiatrist with track performance and recognition might have higher rates because of their popularity and standing within the field.

  •         Clinic Location:

The location of the psychiatrist’s office could also influence the cost of treatment. The psychiatrist operating in areas that are upscale or prime are likely to charge more for their services than those in less central areas. It is important to consider quality over only focusing on price when choosing the best psychiatrist.

  •         The Type of Consultation:

Psychiatrist may provide a variety of options for consultation, such as in-person visits and telemedicine consultations, or a mix of both. The costs for each type of consultation will differ, with telemedicine typically being more affordable and convenient for certain patients.

  •         The Consultation’s Duration:

The cost may vary depending on how long the consultation continues. The longer sessions, especially for more complicated or comprehensive assessment cases, might result in higher costs.

  •         Additional Services:

A few of the psychiatrist in Dhaka may provide other services, such as counselling, therapy or special treatment methods. These additional services can help your mental health but could cost you more.

To locate the best psychiatrist in Dhaka and to learn about their cost, there are two main keywords that you can search for:

Using this search phrase (Psychiatrist near me) on online search engines and healthcare directories will provide you with a list that includes psychiatrist in Dhaka and their proximity to where you live. In this way, you’ll reduce your search to those within a reasonable distance, which can assist you in reducing transportation expenses.

When you search Dhaka’s top psychiatrist or top psychiatrist in Dhaka, it will yield results that include highly rated and trusted psychiatrist within the city. These psychiatrist typically have a prominent online presence and favorable patient reviews, making them a popular choice for high-quality mental health care.

So the cost of a consultation with an expert psychiatrist is contingent on factors like the doctor’s reputation, his location, the type of consultation duration, the length of sessions, and other services provided.

When looking for the ideal psychiatrist, searching for keywords such as best psychiatrist and best psychiatrist in Dhaka will help you identify potential experts to look into.

Be sure to consider the quality of treatment and experience over the cost, and investing in your health and well-being is vital. With the help of a qualified psychiatrist, you can embark on an exciting journey to well-being and a more fulfilled life.

Closing Remarks:

The childhood phase is a precious time when dreams and innocence abound. However, this time is often dominated by psychological obstacles for children with mental illness or trauma.

As they travel along life’s journey, a team of experienced psychiatrists becomes essential in providing the guidance and support needed to face these difficulties.

Knowing what is happening to children’s psychosocial development is vital to address their mental health concerns.

The phases of development, starting with sensorimotor development through formal operation, determine their cognitive, emotional, and social abilities. Being aware that every child grows at their own rhythm is fundamental.

The help of a psychiatrist will ensure that every child receives the proper treatment and care tailored to their individual needs.

The effects of childhood mental illness and psychological traumas may leave an indelible mark on the adult and affect relationships, self-esteem, and overall satisfaction.

The guidance of a trained psychiatrist can be of great value to individuals as they continue on their journeys toward well-ness and personal growth. Therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapies and EMDR play an essential part in dealing with mental problems and processing painful memories.

Reputable psychiatrist appreciate the benefits of holistic healing by integrating mindfulness-based techniques and engaging families in recovery.

The supportive and caring atmosphere promotes emotional stability and development in children, helping them to overcome past struggles and anticipate the future with a brighter outlook.

As parents, it’s essential to be aware of the warning signs and symptoms which could suggest the need for psychiatric assistance from a professional for our youngsters.

Continuously deteriorating behavior or academic loss, difficulty in social interactions, and inexplicably achy or painful physical symptoms are just a few indications that shouldn’t be overlooked. Early intervention by a qualified Child psychiatrist may make a big difference to a child’s health and success in the future.

Mental illness can affect children from the very earliest days of their childhood, and it is crucial to dispel the myth that mental illness is only a problem for adults.

Recognizing and dealing with issues with mental health early could result in better outcomes and a more positive existence for kids. The assistance of experienced children psychiatrist and mental health specialists is essential to ensure your child receives the high-quality treatment they require.

Finding the most reputable psychiatrist is a matter of evaluating factors such as experience, reputation, location, the type of consultation, length of session, and other services.

While cost is an issue, the primary focus must be placed on high-quality treatment and expertise. Utilizing terms like psychiatrist nearby and top psychiatrist will assist in narrowing down your search for reliable professionals.

Investing in mental well-being and well-being is a significant and risky move in life. With the help of experienced psychiatrist, both adults and children alike can conquer challenges, heal from past traumas, and look forward to a future filled with hope and resiliency.

As an inclusive group, we can break down the obstacles to accessing mental health services to ensure every person gets the help they need to live fulfilling lives.

It is important to remember that seeking help is an empowering decision, and every step toward healing is an essential step toward the future you want to live in. Let’s work together to give our loved ones the affection and attention they require.

So, be attentive to the fact that your child’s mental health is equally important to their overall health. Being proactive and seeking professional Psychiatrist assistance whenever needed can be a major factor in their happiness and the likelihood of success. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced child psychologist or psychiatrist to ensure your Child’s emotional health and growth are on the right track.

Please look for a psychiatrist who has experience working with Children. This is important because children can be very different from adults, and they may need special care.

  •         Make sure the psychiatrist is qualified to treat children. This means they should have completed a residency in child psychiatry or be board-certified in this field.
  •         Ask about the psychiatrist’s treatment methods. Some psychiatrists use medication to treat children, while others may use therapy or a combination of both.
  •         Find out how much the psychiatrist charges. This is important because you want to make sure you can afford the treatment.
  •         Ask for referrals from friends or family members who have used a child psychiatrist in the past. This can help you find someone who is qualified and experienced.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to find the best child psychiatrist in Dhaka for your child.

A Few Regarding LifeSpring Family:

We are committed to providing complete supervision and treatment on mental health issues for both adults and children, as well as important information about gynecological problems and skin conditions, sexual health, as well as other treatments for medical conditions.

LifeSpring believes taking proper care of your mental health is as essential as ensuring physical well-being. We try to connect the two by using the expertise of our highly trained and knowledgeable team of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and specialist Doctors.

This team of health specialists comprises highly respected experts in their areas, ensuring our clients get the most effective advice and assistance.

In our prestigious group are extraordinary minds such as Dr. Sayedul Ashraf Kushal an outstanding Psychiatrist whose expertise and compassion have helped many people lead fulfilling lives. Alongside him is Yahia MD Amin, a remarkable Psychologist with a therapeutic approach that has helped bring healing to people in need.

We try to provide the best care possible, we employ our own Dr. A. M. Fariduzzaman, a highly experienced psychiatrist with the expertise to address complex mental health issues.

In addition, Dr. Sabrina Farah Mouree, a Pediatrician specializing in Neurology and Neurodevelopment & one of the best doctors in Dhaka, can ensure that the mental well-being of children is treated with the utmost consideration and concern.

To meet the specific demands of children and adolescents, we can address the unique needs of children and adolescents with the help of Dr. Tumpa Indrani Ghose, an experienced child & Adolescent psychiatrist. Her commitment to understanding and helping young minds is unmatched and creates a safe environment that encourages growth and healing.

While we strive to broaden our mental health horizons, we are privileged to have Dr. Rubaiyat Ferdush (psychiatrist), Dr. Nafia Farzana (psychiatrist), Dr. Munmun Jahan (psychiatrist), and Nigar Sultana (psychiatrist), Dr. Golam Mostofa Milon (psychiatrist) as part of our team.

They are all experienced Psychiatrists who have succeeded in providing effective treatment for various mental health disorders. Their combined knowledge and experience are the basis of our commitment to empowering our patients.

Alongside our highly regarded Psychiatrists, we have a group of talented Psychologists who support the treatment process by providing clinical expertise. Mithila Khandaker and Zannatul Ferdous Zinia Naima Zannat and Kazi Mojahid Alam provide their unique perspectives and deep insight to help people face life’s challenges with confidence and vigor.

LifeSpring is more than just mental health and also provides professional counseling services. Dr. Tashnuva Mahbin, Kishwar Shafi Chaudhury, and Dr. Mashrura Mahjabin offer compassionate advice to people seeking support and confidence on their journeys.

We recognize the importance of women’s health; we’re happy to be able to have Dr. Aklima Zakaria Zinan and Dr. Kamrun Nahar as part of our team. Their experience in Gynecology assures us that we can tackle the unique health concerns of women. They provide an entire strategy for overall well-being.

Our staff’s outstanding education from renowned institutions such as Bangladesh Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital, Dhaka Medical Collage, Dhaka University, and other prestigious foreign institutions allow us to provide world-class healthcare for our patients.

Their dedication and devotion to the health of our readers is evident in the excellent treatment and assistance they provide.

LifeSpring We are driven by the conviction that every person deserves to receive individualized and compassionate support to live a satisfying life.

Our Article is a source of hope, a resource of knowledge and wisdom, and a community that encourages healing and development. With the collective wisdom of our staff, we strive to make a difference in lives, one post at a time, while emphasizing the importance of mental well-being and health throughout every aspect of our lives.

We go on a journey of personal development, healing, and growth at LifeSpring. Our team of expert Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Doctors is here to assist and guide you on your path to a happier and better life. We can create an environment in which mental health is prioritized, and everyone develops.

In a nutshell, children’s mental health issues are identified and treated by our psychiatrists or mental health specialists. They offer an extensive field of treatments, including psychotherapy, medication management, and counseling.

We acknowledge the value of providing the finest possible care for children. We are committed to supporting them in leading healthy and happy lives. If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us before you delay.


What is the psychological growth of children?

It is the process in which a child develops as they learn, acquire different skills, emotions, and cognitive capabilities. It covers the social, emotional as well as physical aspects of the development of a child from birth to adolescence. A child’s development is influenced by genetics, environmental factors, and the interactions children have with their caregivers and the world surrounding them.

What are the common milestones in a child’s Psychological Development?

Children reach various developmental milestones in different age groups. These milestones can include crawling, walking, speaking for the first time, demonstrating empathy, making friendships, and learning to solve problems. Every child develops according to their pace; however, it is crucial to keep track of these milestones to ensure your child’s development in a healthy way.

What are the causes of Child Mental Health Issues?

Child mental health concerns cover many emotional, mental, behavioral, and physical difficulties children face. These can include anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, behavioral disorders, and learning disabilities. Early detection and intervention are essential in addressing these issues and improving children’s well-being.

How can I know if my child is experiencing mental health problems?

Signs of mental health problems could include a withdrawal from activities or acquaintances, extreme mood swings, an abrupt decline in academic achievement, trouble concentrating, and unproven physical symptoms. If you notice any of these warning signals in your child, you need to consult with your child’s psychiatrist or similar mental health specialist.

What is meant by the term “child psychology,” and how can it benefit my kid?

Child psychology is a specialized area that focuses on understanding and dealing with children’s specific emotional and mental requirements. Child psychologists employ various methods of therapy to aid children in overcoming challenges by developing healthy coping mechanisms and building resiliency. When seeking assistance from a psychiatrist or child psychologist close to you, Your Child will receive individualized guidance and assistance to navigate their moods and behavior efficiently.

Where can I find a highly qualified psychiatrist for my Child’s mental Health Issues?

If you are searching for best psychiatrist to help your children’s mental well-being, use the search term psychiatrist in Dhaka, best psychiatrist in Dhaka, best psychiatrist on search engines online or in directories. These search results will provide a list of qualified psychiatrist specializing in child mental health within the Dhaka region. Check their credentials, expertise and customer reviews for a more informed decision. Let us notify you that LifeSpring Consultancy Ltd. Dhaka, A Mental Health Organization, located beside Square Hospital Dhaka, may be the perfect solution for you because it employs an experienced team of psychiatrists.


Are Professional Psychiatrist Assistance Required to Support My Child’s Psychological Development?

Looking for professional advice from a psychologist or child psychiatrist is highly beneficial to your Child’s development in psychology, mainly if you observe any concerns or signs. They can evaluate the situation, identify and develop specific treatment plans that deal with particular issues, and efficiently enhance your Child’s emotional well-being.

What part may parents play in helping their child develop psychologically?

The psychological growth of their children is strongly influenced by the behaviors and relationships of their parents. Offering a safe and nurturing atmosphere, maintaining a transparent and open dialogue, providing emotional encouragement and engaging in activities that encourage interaction and learning can positively impact a child’s general well-being and development.

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